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Musculoskeletal Pain Management at Your Fingertips With Kiio – Risky Benefits Podcast: Season 2, Episode 10

May 31, 2021

Our guest Lydia Zeller, President and CEO of Kiio, is on mic to talk about the digital therapeutic solutions offered by Kiio. This is a non-clinical solution that helps employees get immediate and appropriate musculoskeletal care.

Available through your smart device, Kiio offers exercises, tips, encouragement, and educational materials on how to manage and improve your musculoskeletal wellbeing.

This app meets people where they are and in whatever way works best.

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More About Our Guest:

Lydia Zeller

Lydia Zeller
President and CEO of Kiio

Lydia has a track record of driving innovation in musculoskeletal (MSK care) and meaningful results. One of the company’s first employees, Lydia has been involved in every facet of Kiio product and business development. As VP of Strategy, she conceived of and spearheaded the company’s efforts to bring Kiio’s flagship digital therapeutic product to market. She landed and managed the company’s first health plan partnerships, and she initiated the independent clinical and financial outcomes studies that have proven Kiio significantly improves pain, function and quality of life while reducing opioid prescriptions, aggressive treatments and total health plan spend.

Lydia brings a vision of combining the best in technology with evidenced-based medicine to Kiio’s mission – to be the easiest, most effective – and most cost-effective – way for employers, payers, and individuals to reduce the physical, emotional and financial burden of MSK pain. Her passion for bringing convenient, member-centric care to more people is evident. Kiio’s quick-start solution is the only one that doesn’t require waiting for equipment, scheduling a clinical consultation, or mastering the learning curve of trackers and sensors.

Lydia’s high energy and commitment to Kiio and the company’s customers is evident to all who know her. Her high-integrity approach to partnerships with Kiio’s stakeholders and employees, coupled with her extensive finance, operations, and product experience, give Kiio an edge in delivering personalized care that’s convenient and effective.