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Protect Workplace Culture – Risky Benefits Podcast: Season 3, Episode 11

August 22, 2022

Protect Workplace Culture

75% of people who have been harassed or discriminated against at work don’t report the incident because of fear. Resolving workplace misconduct faster than ever before, Work Shield provides a safe and effective way for employees to report misconduct at work. Listen in this week as Jared Pope, Founder and CEO of Work Shield, is on mic with Rick to talk about how Work Shield fights to align your vision, culture, and ideology to make a workplace where employees feel heard and incidents will be fairly investigated.

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More About Our Guest:

Jared S. Pope

CEO/Founder of Workshield


Jared S. Pope is the CEO/Founder of Work Shield.  Jared grew up a Texas cowboy, became a Horned Frog (TCU) and then rode a Mustang (SMU Law) into the legal profession.  After riding the great plains of legal experience at two nationally recognized law firms (Baker Botts and Fulbright) and general counsel of a mid-sized insurance brokerage company, he hung his own shingle specializing in HR, ERISA and Benefits for the past 18 years, as well as started several other companies. As an entrepreneur, HR-specialists, and innovator, Work Shield grew from an idea of how employers handle workplace misconduct issues to an innovator covering over 100K employee lives and disrupting how legal, HR, technology, DE&I and culture issues are handled by large and small companies across the U.S.A.

Work Shield was recently honored as one of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards in the Workplace Category!  When Jared is not providing simplified business solutions, he spends time with his wife and family cooking in the kitchen, watching his two children play various sports or can be found on the golf course with friends!