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Medefy: Better Benefits Navigation – Risky Benefits Podcast: Season 3, Episode 7

May 23, 2022

Meet Ashley Andrews, Sales Executive, with Medefy, a benefits navigation app. Medefy is an app to help you connect better with your healthcare. Real humans are on standby to help you make your next healthcare move, whether that’s understanding a bill or offering provider coordination. In the app you’ll be able to find plan documents, see how much you’ve paid into your deductible, or even access your benefits card. With 24/7 high quality, low cost care available, Medefy brings humanization and customer service to offer an empathetic experience with technology.

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More About Our Guest:

Ashley Andrews

Sales Executive


Bringing a wealth of experience from her 12 years of working in the brokerage world, Ashley joined Medefy in November 2020.  She prides herself on her commitment to helping employers unlock the vast potential of their benefits programs by empowering the people with in them.  Ashley’s goal in the employee benefits space is to help normal, everyday people use the benefits they have to get the care that they need. Recognizing that when people easily navigate their care, they can get back to living life.

Ashley is a degreed professional with three bachelor’s degrees from McPherson College and has received numerous awards as a top employee benefits consultant. She loves Lululemon yoga pants, traveling and searching for the world’s best cheese pizza, and her French Bulldog Carl.