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HR Solutions From Paycor – Risky Benefits Podcast: Season 2, Episode 6

May 28, 2021

We believe in building partnerships and relationships that bring provable quality and innovation to your business. On mic this week is Nick Ford, employee benefits consultant of FBMC, and Andrew Binstein of Paycor. Paycor helps businesses with their HR needs by bringing technology and their HR expertise to every client. Paycor empowers businesses to focus on their goals and less on their daily administrative tasks.

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More About Our Guest:

Andrew Binstein

Major Market Sales Executive


Andrew is a sales leader for Paycor in the southeast market. He partners with Health Brokers, HR, Finance, and business leaders to help them achieve their vision of sustainable growth for their organization by providing the technology and education needed to accomplish their goals. Paycor’s scalable HCM (human capital management) solutions are designed to facilitate revenue growth and employee engagement, reduce compliance risk, and decrease costs caused by the lack of integration and inability to analyze imperative data. In partnership with his clients, he helps design a pathway to unite all aspects of the employee lifecycle into one platform. Paycor’s cutting-edge software is backed by an award winning service model, giving personalized service to each of their clients.