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Flume Health: Market Differentiator – Risky Benefits Podcast: Season 2, Episode 22

December 17, 2021

Flume Health’s Chief Customer Officer, Kevin Schlotman, is on mic with Rick and Richard Koontz, FBMC’s Manager of Healthcare Innovation Development, to discuss how Flume Health engineered a new approach to healthcare. Their mission is to capitalize on up-to-date technology that helps clients build their healthcare vision; meanwhile, employees gain access to quality care that’s easy to navigate. Listen and learn more about how Flume Health provides seamless, cost effective solutions for third party administration.

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More About Our Guest:

Kevin Schlotman

Chief Customer Officer

Flume Health

Chief Customer Officer, Flume Health, Inc. Kevin oversees Flume Health’s Customer Success and Stop-loss Teams. He is a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and serves as the organizational subject matter expert on self-funded health insurance benefits, compliance, benefit-cost containment, and healthcare product development. Kevin is a Past Chair of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) – the preeminent national association of healthcare plan administrators and stop-loss insurers. He continues to serve on the SPBA Stop Loss Task Force, served as the Association Liasion to the NAIC, and consults and contributes to SPBA compliance and educational efforts intended for healthcare administrators and government regulators.

Kevin has twice testified before the Department of Labor’s ERISA Advisory Council including on the topic of Health Plan administrative simplification. He’s delivered hundreds of educational seminars and webinars to employers about healthcare Plans and regulations, including to CPA’s and their clients, law firms, chambers, and other groups of business owners. Kevin is passionate about improving the healthcare dynamic for his clients and their employees. He is constantly seeking opportunities to help his clients improve healthcare outcomes for their employees and families.



More About Our Guest:

Richard Koontz

Manager of Healthcare Innovation Development


Rich has 20+ years in leading client-facing change management teams in both the Health Care / Benefits and Technology industries. He excels at helping clients design, build and run high-performance employee services while reducing the overall operational costs to the employer.

He also worked as a consultant with both Pharmaceutical companies and medical practices on process innovations and efficiencies. From this experience, he understands the information flows and interconnected processes across the Health Care / Benefit ‘Value Chain’.

Most recently Rich has taken this industry knowledge and worked as Change Management consultant for Benefit Companies serving the Municipal, K-12 and Private sector, focusing on optimizing benefit costs for the client while improving services and lowering out-of-pocket costs for employees.