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Florida School District Saves Money With Creative Benefit Solutions

March 3, 2021

The Situation

A Florida School District, with 58 school locations and 3,500 employees, wanted help in meeting their insurance and employee benefit objectives. They felt that their broker was not seeking creative solutions and that they were not being offered anything other than the program that they were renewing. 

The Solution

One of our first steps was to survey the employee population. After a comprehensive analysis of the results, FBMC Benefits Management, Inc found that family coverage was too expensive. With this clear understanding of the Florida school district’s priorities, our team of professionals was able to facilitate renewals directly with carriers to secure a better plan. FBMC moved the Florida school district from a 2 tier plan to a 4 tier plan that provided employees with more affordable options for family coverage. 

Along with lower premiums and a richer plan, The Florida school district now has access to human resource tools and compliance services that reduce administrative burden and help minimize cost.

FBMC also revamped their benefits communication strategy which helped save the district even more expense and brought accessible benefits communication to all employees. 


  • The client experienced a 9% reduction on dental premiums
  •  FBMC helped save employees money by expanding their 2-tier health plan to a 4-tier plan 
  •  FBMC provided a dedicated call center & service team
  •  FBMC provided access to benefit portal & HR Resources

Your account team’s goal is to help save money through proper implementation and management of your benefits programs, and they are committed to anticipating and fulfilling your needs and concerns. Backed by award winning and recognized subject matter experts, your team is able to evaluate and identify areas for collaboration in developing plans and benefits that work for you.