“image Enhanced Recovery With Goldfinch Health – Risky Benefits Podcast: Season 2, Episode 8 - FBMC Benefits Management, Inc.
Enhanced Recovery With Goldfinch Health – Risky Benefits Podcast: Season 2, Episode 8

May 28, 2021

Brand Newland, CEO and co-founder of Goldfinch Health, and Rich Koontz, healthcare innovation manager at FBMC, are on mic to discuss the ways a coordinated approach to surgery and post-op recovery result in better patient care, less time away from work, and overall savings.

Make the patient the most important person in the OR when you invest in better patient outcomes.

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More About Our Guest:

Brand Newland, PharmD, MBA

CEO and Co-founder


Brand has over 15 years of experience in bringing new healthcare solutions to payers, employers, healthcare providers, and patients. Brand joined OutcomesMTM, a pharmacy Medication Therapy Management company, as the firm’s fourth employee. He served OutcomesMTM in business development and operations leadership roles, seeing the company through rapid growth and eventually its acquisition by Cardinal Health in 2015.

Inspired by personal experiences with the pitfalls of surgery and a lack of proactive solutions to the Opioid Crisis, Brand co-founded Goldfinch Health in 2018. Goldfinch Health optimizes the surgery and recovery experience for patients in virtually any surgery type, saving companies and patients time, money, and addiction.

Brand received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Iowa and holds a certification in pain management. He has also completed an MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.