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The Cost of Health Care: South Atlantic Region

November 12, 2020

If it only costs $20 to see the doctor when you have a sore throat, what’s the big deal? If you knew the true cost of services, you might think twice before visiting the doctor. Some of the average costs for health care services in the South Atlantic region of the United States are as follows.

 Average allowable cost (amount the health plan and employee costs are based on)
Physician Services 
Primary care physician visit$141.83
Specialist visit$210.90
Routine exam visit – 21+ years$142.80
Well-baby visit – 0-2 years$294.81
Obstetrical care (vaginal delivery) – 21-45 years$3,011.73
Hospital Services 
Inpatient admission – 21+ years$29,051.04
Maternity (regular delivery) – 21-45 years$12,117.91
Maternity (C-section) – 21-45 years$16,879.48
Outpatient surgery$2,985.00
ER visit$1,161.19
Diagnostic Tests 
Mammogram – Women 40-69 years$252.41
Colonoscopy – Adults 52-80 years$1,005.31
Cardiac stress test – 21+ years$289.39
Chest X-ray – 21+ years$111.64
MRI – 21+ years$1,123.77
CT scan – 21+ years$1,169.09
Rx – Retail 
Rx – Mail 

South Atlantic: Delaware, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia

Source: Truven Health Analytics