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FBMC Partners With INIE to Offer an Employee Benefit Service Program for Nonprofits

July 14, 2020

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FBMC Partners With INIE to Offer an Employee Benefit Service Program for Nonprofits

Tallahassee, Fla.  – FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. (FBMC), a local benefits management company, and the Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence (INIE), a management support organization for nonprofits, have partnered to form the Endorsed Employee Benefit Service program. This program will help nonprofits to administer quality benefit programs and decrease their administrative burden.

FBMC has been endorsed by the INIE, which means any member of INIE will now have access to FBMC’s services. This endorsement lets members of INIE know that FBMC is a partner in the benefits industry that can help nonprofits big and small execute a healthcare plan that benefits employees and administration.

Beginning July 23, 2020, any nonprofit member of INIE will be eligible to use the Endorsed Employee Benefit Service program with FBMC. Organizations will have access to education resources for both members and administration, strategic planning, brokerage services, and consulting. Members will have a user-centric experience that supports non-traditional cost saving strategies, access to care, direct cost avoidance, in addition to other strategies based on the needs of the nonprofit.

“INIE is proud to partner with FBMC in offering these essential services that add value to the workforce and culture of a nonprofit organization.” says Felina Martin, Executive Director at INIE.  “We are pleased to present our members with an exceptional value-added benefit that will reap multiple returns on their membership investment.”

Nonprofits are an essential part of our community in the Big Bend, yet they face financial and operational challenges. Both INIE and FBMC are working together to help these essential offerings stay in the community and continue to improve the lives of everyone they help. The important work of these organizations must be recognized and FBMC continues to do so by offering services that allow these nonprofits to flourish.

For more information about this program contact:

FBMC:  Barb Brown, Employee Benefits Consultant

850 425 6200 X 2111
Cell/text: 850 491 0686

INIE: Felina Martin, Executive Director
850 201 9766

About FBMC Benefits Management, Inc.  

FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. (FBMC) is a full-service employee benefits consultant helping employers meet the changing needs of their workforce by designing and administering quality benefit programs. With more than 40 years of experience, FBMC provides outstanding consulting and brokerage, award-winning communications and engagement services, enrollment management, administration and compliance. FBMC, headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, provides benefits management services with proven quality throughout the continental United States. For more information about FBMC, visit www.fbmc.com.

About the Institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence (INIE)

Established in 2014, the institute for Nonprofit Innovation and Excellence mission is to strengthen the impact and sustainability of the nonprofit sector through education, collaboration and advocacy.  We envision a vibrant nonprofit sector that is valued for its leadership, innovation and overall impact in the community.  For more information, visit www.myinie.org.