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Employee wellness during COVID-19

April 17, 2020

A lot of employees now work from home and without in-person contact, it’s become harder to recognize when they need some support. Workplace stress can lead to burnout if not carefully managed. The negative effects of chronic stress can extend beyond the workplace and into employee’s home or social life. The World Health Organization categorizes burnout as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been well managed. Keep up to date on the most common stressors at work like:

  • A heavy workload
  • Intense pressure to perform at high levels
  • Job insecurity
  • Long work hours
  • Office politics
  • Conflict with co-workers

These stressors can impact the health and productivity of your employees. They’ll begin to feel exhausted, decreased engagement at work, negativity or cynicism related to the job, and reduced productivity or effectiveness. Not only will their performance be affected but employees can start to suffer from anxiety, depression, a short temper, stomach pains, and back problems.

Although it may not be possible to eliminate job stress altogether, you can help employees manage their stress effectively. Check in with your employees and make sure workloads are appropriate. Have managers meet regularly with employees to ensure open and frequent communication. Don’t forget to recognize and celebrate employee successes! Especially now that most people are working from home, encourage a positive work-life balance.