March 16, 2020

FBMC Partners and Friends,

For the past 44 years, FBMC has been focused on two primary objectives: creating a safe and prosperous working environment for our team and delivering industry-leading products and services to you, our clients. In alignment with those objectives, we are vigilantly monitoring and responding to coronavirus (COVID-19) reports, and we have plans in place to maintain business continuity.
First, our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event, and we appreciate everyone who is helping to ensure we have safe communities.

In recent weeks, we formed a COVID-19 emergency response team that has been meeting frequently to develop a comprehensive response and business continuity plan. Our plan has been shaped by your needs, governmental responses, carriers’ responses, technology, and our FBMC core values: honesty, accountability, inclusiveness, respectfulness, and responsiveness. Our plan is designed to keep the safety of our personnel paramount while still effectively supporting you. We will continue to meet to ensure that resources are in place to meet those needs and to develop additional action plans as new information becomes available.

Beginning March 16, many employees in our Tallahassee headquarters will begin to work remotely. All functions that must be performed at our Tallahassee headquarters will be done by creating staggered schedules, so that we limit risk to everyone. Our employees who work at client locations will follow their respective client protocols, and we are preparing for them to telecommute if appropriate. These steps are being communicated directly with impacted clients. Regardless of where they work, all employees are available by email, and all employees will be checking voicemail throughout the day.

We are also limiting business travel for all FBMC personnel to essential travel only. This is intended to help safeguard our people, their families, you, and our business partners. We encourage everyone to “travel by tech” and leverage the range of technologies and collaboration tools available for engaging in virtual meetings. And finally, our data centers are fully redundant and designed to ensure you do not experience an interruption in our service or technology.

Although we do not expect any significant interruptions, there will be items that will require more time to manage, and we appreciate your understanding as we work through some very challenging times.

Thank you for your partnership and trust. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or your Account Management team.


David Faulkenberry, President and CEO