FBMC helps deliver the value of your benefits programs to your employees through employee communication tools and communication materials that align with your business objectives.

Education. Engagement. Empowerment.

FBMC understands your multi-generation and multi-cultural workforce, and that there is not a one size fits all communication tool or strategy that serves all populations. A partnership with FBMC insures effective strategies that reach all of your employees.

Customized Communications

We utilize clear and accessible communication tools that convey the value of the benefits you offer and explain how employees can use them in their everyday lives to be healthier and happier. In turn, you reap the benefits of a workforce that is not only appreciative but also motivated to perform at their best.

Enrollment Support

Our communication materials include a clear call to action to help you reach your goals. Your employees will understand exactly what they need to do and why it is important for their health and wellness. Our communication tools and strategies not only educate your employees but empower them to be good consumers.

Education Tools

Controlling Healthcare costs requires that everyone becomes educated consumers within the healthcare system. Through innovative partnerships and technologies, FBMC supports your cost savings initiatives – putting control back into you and your employees’ hands. With the right communication tools and strategies, your employees will have the ability they need to make educated healthcare choices and smarter decisions which decreases costs and increases the quality of care.

Discover a better way to benefit!