Enrollment Management Services

Through best in class partners, FBMC delivers a custom enrollment management service that aligns with your organizations' objectives.

Customized Solutions for
Enrollment Management Services

FBMC will support your enrollment needs and benefits inquiries throughout the year. Through self-service platforms, one-on-one counseling, the call center, or any combination FBMC will work collaboratively with you to customize an enrollment experience to align with your specific benefit initiatives and ensure your employees understand the value of the benefits you provide.

Enrollment Management Services

Our enrollment management services offer a variety of simple and easy to use enrollment methods. We work with you to decide what is the best way for your employees to enroll. Whether it is through our self-service platforms, one-on-one counseling, or virtual appointments, we will be there for you and your employees throughout the entire process.

  • FBMC facilitates both group or individual enrollment meetings for your employees to learn about their benefits in a way that best fits their schedule and needs
  • Published communication materials such as benefit guidebooks are available to further educate everyone on your team about the fantastic benefits you offer
  • For reminders and announcements about Open Enrollment, FBMC has you covered. We offer flyers, email campaigns, and more to get the word out about your Open Enrollment.
  • FBMC’s enrollers will help inform your employees by providing overall benefit education, and year-round new hire enrollment.

Customer Service Center

The FBMC Customer Service Center is a valuable part of the enrollment management services we offer. Our customer service representatives are a trusted resource that helps protect participants and answer their questions. FBMC Representatives are trained as customer advocates and problem-solvers. They support the enrollment process with helpful information about scheduling, enrollment timelines, and product information.

  • Our customer service representatives provide callers with a welcoming and helpful call experience
  • Each representative actively listens and respond to callers on a personal level – no cue cards or scripts
  • FBMC strives to provide a one call resolution with a professional and friendly tone

Project Management

As part of our enrollment management services, we stay on top of the many moving pieces so that you don’t have to. From start to finish, our Project Management experts will monitor your case and ensure your critical deadlines are met. Our dedicated project managers ensure your benefit enrollments run smoothly with the best outcomes.

  • Project managers keep the lines of communication open between partners, FBMC, and the client
  • They organize and communicate the needs of the client directly between carriers and FBMC
  • They also develop a relationship with clients to ensure strategic enrollment management

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