Risky Benefits Podcast: Season 2, Episode 07

May 28, 2021

Maximize RX Savings With Transparency and Accountability in Pharmaceutical Benefits Management

Pharmacy benefits are the most widely utilized benefits in the marketplace with 21 cents of every dollar spent funding it. Today on Risky Benefits, we have guest Jeffery Jones, development representative of RxBenefits, and Richard Koontz, FBMC healthcare innovation manager, on mic to talk about how to control pharmaceutical costs through transparency and accountability. When you can finally see the data, actively measure it, and improve your outcome, then you’ll be able to ensure your company has the best possible terms for pharmacy benefits.

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More About Our Guest: 

Jeffery Jones

Jeffery Jones

Business Development Representative


As a Business Development Representative for RxBenefits, Jeffery partners with Employee Benefit Consultants in Georgia and northern Florida to optimize and provide actionable solutions to reduce cost and control pharmacy trend for self-funded employers. He works with cross functional internal teams to effectively deliver superior service to clients as a key differentiator for consultants to maintain and grow their book of business.

Jeffery has more than 17 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmacy benefit industries. He served at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama for more than 13 years, managing in the Finance division. His background with medical and pharmacy pricing and contracting provides valuable insight when navigating the benefit landscape.

Jeffery joined RxBenefits in 2017 as a Strategic Pharmacy Analyst before being promoted to Business Development Representative.