FBMC Employee Among Most Influential Women in Benefits Advising

October 31st, 2018

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Tallahassee, FL – FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. (FBMC), an employee benefits industry leader, is pleased to announce that Vickie Whaley, Vice President of Sales and Service, has been named as one of Employee Benefits Adviser’s Most Influential Women in Benefit Advising for 2018.

Whaley joins 19 other benefit-advising professionals on EBA’s annual list. Winners were credited with finding substantial savings for employer clients, strengthening their organization’s bottom line, and fostering benefit innovations as well as advocating and elevating the status of all women in the profession, according to EBA.

Sharing more than 20 years of experience with FBMC’s clients and staff, Whaley provides leadership, strategic planning and subject matter expertise in the areas of benefit modeling, underwriting, complex and innovative plan design, claim analysis, alternative funding and gap analysis. She is the president-elect of the Capital Area Association of Health Underwriters and lives by the FBMC core values ensuring that accountability; trust and respect are evident in all of her personal and professional interactions.

“There is no one I know more deserving of this recognition than Vickie Whaley. Since joining the FBMC team in January of 2018, she has significantly impacted our business operation in the most positive way,” said Kiera Hanselman, FBMC National Vice President of Sales and Service. “Vickie gives selflessly of her time, resources and knowledge. Both internally and externally, she is praised for her strategic insight and knack for problem solving with a positive attitude. I’m honored to work with such an incredible woman.”

EBA is the information resource for employee benefit advisers, brokers, agents, and consultants, providing the current awareness and perspective advisers need to optimally serve their clients, anticipate changes in the marketplace, and run their businesses. EBA serves more than 146,000 brokers, advisers, agents, financial planners, investment advisers and consultants across all platforms.

About FBMC Benefits Management, Inc.

FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. (FBMC) provides employee benefits consulting, brokerage and management services and help employers solve problems to meet the ever-changing needs of their growing workforce. Our independent methodology has provided protection for our clients for more than 40 years. FBMC provides outstanding consulting and brokerage, award-winning communications, education and engagement services, enrollment management, administration and compliance. FBMC bridges benefits gaps for employers and provides peace of mind for employees. FBMC is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, and provides benefits management services throughout the continental United States. For more information about FBMC, visit www.fbmc.com.


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