Innovation at FBMC

April 27, 2021

Here at FBMC we believe in thinking outside of the box to find the right solution that empowers our clients. With a strong culture of innovation, we help our clients in understanding and accelerating the adaptation of proven healthcare benefits management innovations through thought leadership, consulting services, and industry-leading Employer and Employee communications programs.

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Rubin Pillay, speaker at FBMC’s Virtual Conference

A well known figure in the healthcare innovation field is Rubin Pillay. A clinician, academic, and business man, Rubin offers insight into the different medical innovations and technologies available today. Learn about 3D printed organs, remote blood pressure readings, the use of artificial intelligence to diagnose diseases, among other healthcare technological innovations. All these advances in technology can be harnessed to further care for everyone while also making healthcare more affordable for everyone. Rubin Pillay argues that healthcare is in crisis and currently lacking the incentive to leverage technology in order to improve productivity. With the help and improvement of technology in healthcare, practitioners can close the gap in a patient’s ability able to access great care.

Marilyn Bartlettt – The Montana Experience

The story of how one woman changed the healthcare landscape for employees in the state of Montana. In late 2014, Marilyn was recruited by the governor’s office in Montana to help turn the state health plan around. In early 2015, the health plan had just finished a year of losing $28 million. Overall, the plan lacked management and needed more money to keep up with expenditures. Poor plan management and a history of playing by the books was making the City of Montana’s employees and the state legislature frustrated with the current healthcare situation. Marilyn had 2 years to turn the program around or it was getting cut.

Marilyn spent her first year revamping the system and saving $7.4 million. In three years, Marilyn was able to help save $30 million. Listen in on how Marilyn took on this project and succeeded with a lot of tenacity and a penchant for finding the money.

FBMC Podcasts Centered On Innovation

Enhanced Recovery With Goldfinch Health

Risky Benefits Podcast – Season 2, Episode 8

Brand Newland, CEO and co-founder of Goldfinch Health, and Rich Koontz, healthcare innovation manager at FBMC, are on mic to discuss the ways a coordinated approach to surgery and post-op recovery result in better patient care, less time away from work, and overall savings.

Maximize RX Savings With Transparency and Accountability in Pharmaceutical Benefits Management

Risky Benefits Podcast – Season 2, Episode 7

Pharmacy benefits are the most widely utilized benefits in the marketplace with 21 cents of every dollar spent funding it. Today on Risky Benefits, we have guest Jeffery Jones, development representative of RxBenefits, and Richard Koontz, FBMC healthcare innovation manager, on mic to talk about how to control pharmaceutical costs through transparency and accountability. When you can finally see the data, actively measure it, and improve your outcome, then you’ll be able to ensure your company has the best possible terms for pharmacy benefits.

Get Control of Your Healthcare Costs With Self-Funded Plan Designs

Risky Benefits Podcast – Season 2, Episode 2

On mic are Rich Koontz, FBMC manager of healthcare innovation, and David Joza, FBMC employee benefits consultant, to talk about Self Funded Plans. It can often be a challenge for employers to find great, affordable benefits to offer employees, but with a self funded plan you can control costs directly with vendors, minimize claims risk, and attain high quality healthcare services. Self Funded plans are all about flexibility and building better ways to benefit for your business and your employees.