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Benefit Administration Solutions & Compliance Management

Through operational expertise and service excellence, FBMC offers complete and flexible benefits administration solutions.

Let us take care of the details.

FBMC helps you reduce administrative burdens and maximize compliance management resources. Our custom benefit administration solutions create a cohesive experience for your administrative staff as well as your employees. Through expert benefit consulting and technology solutions that align with your needs, FBMC creates a user-centric experience that supports your budget and your workforce.

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Retiree Administration

FBMC is established in the industry and has brokered and administered retiree benefits for more than 40 years. All employees of FBMC believe that our benefit administration solutions seamlessly service the benefit needs of our clients retired populations, including Medicare eligible and early retirees. We offer a full range of services catered specifically to your retirees. 

  • FBMC and it’s benefit administration solutions are compliant with all laws, regulatory rulings, guidelines, and notices applicable to retiree enrollment.
  • FBMC processes Retiree insurance enrollment forms and submits benefit summaries to all retirees.
  • At FBMC, our benefit administration solutions handle not just the collection and remittance of premiums for retiree benefits but also the appeals made by retirees of all levels.

Integrated Benefits Technology

FBMC is well versed in many technological solutions. We have over four decades of experience creating systems and management tools to simplify the benefits administration process. With the latest in online enrollment technology, it makes our benefit administration solutions that much easier to connect with your needs.

  • Intuitive systems that make individual voluntary benefit or self-enrollment selection a breeze.
  • Custom self-billing web systems that prepare your invoice and send payment to the benefits carrier.
  • Enrollment benefit solutions that simplify the enrollment process then share the enrollment data with carriers and client payroll systems.

Integrated Benefits Technology

FBMC is a versatile technology agnostic consultant. We have over 4 decades of experience creating systems and management tools and offering services designed to simplify the benefits administration process.

HR & Compliance Management

FBMC reduces your administrative burden with our compliance management. We can help minimize the cost with annual compliance health checks that protect your program from liability.

All clients are provided access to automated client portals that provide additional information and resources pertaining to HR topics, trends and regulatory changes. Through partnerships with Zywave, MyConnect and HR 360 clients have 24/7 access to thousands of human resources and employee benefits questions.

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